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I use it all the time. Excellent and convenient for my students.


Well, I can just recommend it. It is a wonderful tool for those of us who love music! Cheers!

Please re-enable bar loop

It s a wonderful practise tool! but please, re-enable the possibility of looping one single bar!! since last update this feature seems to be gone. only by draging a bar selection over at least 2 bars the loop button appears. this is annoying when working on pieces bar-wise. And please offer more styles (how about some rock?) Thanks!

I want my iReal b back!

As a longtime user of the old iReal b I have to say: The editor of iReal Pro (Version 5) is really a mess. One has to struggle with some apparently new presets, which make it a nuisance, to simply give in some chords. Grrr ... i want my iReal b back!

Best play-along app

Custom progressions, download and edit progressions. Very helpful! A lot of youtube play-alongs use this app

A must have!!!!

One of the best apps for i pad.


Best App ever! Love it!

Useful tool but major features missing

Its nice to use and helpful for practice but when editing, major features are missing. It is essential to have the chord library available as drop-down window as alternative to type it and to have a tap feature to hear each chord in library. Even when stepping through the sheet (from chord to chord) I like to hear them, especially because of the progression and how they fit into. It really bothers that I have to save it first and to select the desired bar just to hear the changes. Please consider this for next update, that would make it even more useful. Thanks!

Pretty good


A more than useful...

device for Jazz musicians! Perfect for practise. I dont want to miss it. IReal Pro was the reason which got me an IPhone ;)

For more then 12€...

...I expect a little more. May be for Jazz musicians its a good tool, but some essentials Im missing. Rock sounds are only two available and they sound terrible and the downloads of the forum are often not playing. For more then 12€ they have a lot of homeworks to do.

Amazing learning tool

Ive just started learning the tenor sax, and iReal b has already proven (after only a few days) its enormous value. Im trying (with the assistance of a great teacher) to learn to play and improvise mostly by ear. After loading an enormous playlist of jazz and gypsy jazz standards into the software (which probably took less than 10 "clicks"), I instantly started playing (and playing around) tracks that I know and love. The accompanying algorithmic "band" is great -- piano and drums sound fantastic and have a very natural rhythm (the developer is a musician, and it shows). It would be great if a future version of the software would allow to loop a song endlessly. It would also be great if one could record the drums and piano simultaneously with the sound coming into the internal microphone (a great way to send a "full track" to a friend or to ones teacher!). Absolutely recommended!

must have!

besides the metronome, this is by far my most used app. and its a lotta fun.

Aebersold on steroids!

This app is terrific. As a jazz student it is an indispensable learning tool. Take every single Aebersold track and then add the ability to change tempo, key, chords, etc. and you have iReal b!


What happened to all the songs I had in here? Now its a useless app! I take it back,wrote to ireal support, They sent me to the forum to download 1200 jazz tunes, Easy!

Im giggin with my iPhone

Thats right, I just landed a steady gig and I have to say that the playability of this little app is great. I edit or create my own arrangements to suit my purpose, which is to have the rhythm section lay a foundation for me to play and song on top of. I take relaxed solos and the guys in the phone sound great, once you set the right tempo and rhythm. I like the Latin/Swing. You have to edit the As & Bs & C sections to suit the switch on some songs but like I said, with a little editing youll get what you want. If you have a strong understanding of harmony and voicings like I have, then getting what you really want is easy. Its pretty much all there. I dont have any shuffle rhythms though and Im here looking to see what other rhythms there are available.


With just chords and no melodies this is literally one notch above totally useless. This is a waste of money please dont waste your money you can find the melodies and chords online for free but you want to pay money for just chords and then youll have to find the free file online to complete the song anyways....this is literally a waste of money and the only reason I bought it was because it used to look like a fake book which means it had melodies so I assumed and I was ignorant. This doesnt have melodies, just chords, therefore its a waste of money.

Totally Awesome useful App!

Ive been using this app for quite some time now. I love the fact that they improve it constantly with great new features. We use it in our song creation process by sketching the song structure of a newly created basic song(guitar and voice). Then we use the player to hear it in different styles singing along with it until we find the groove. Then export it to wav and import it in DAW for reference as a starting point. We love it, it helps our creative process and this is only one aspect of it.

Wish I had this when I was in school

Its a great practice and jam along tool. This app is incredibly feature rich and with every update comes added features and tools. Awesome value for your money!

Excellent resource

This is a quality app with great attention to what musicians want. Always adding and improving. Does what it says it does. Very useful with or without the extra pack to buy. Fun, educational, useful!

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