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Definitely an essential purchase for any jazz musician of any kind. Honestly revolutionary.

Great resource!

I use this app with my students and it works great! I also use it myself on the road when Im practicing tunes in 12 keys or learning new tunes. Its a tool...not a band. The flexibility is extraordinary and the changing of tempos without changing pitch has SO many benefits. Different grooves and styles of music help open up the students to new possibilities and opportunities in this big beautiful world of music. 5 stars - absolutely recommended!

Sight reading tool.

Student, player or teacher: this app is terrific. To use as a site reading aid: type it in the cords from a transcription: play the chords back slow enough to let you read the notes accurately: increase the tempo a little at a time: do not frustrate yourself.

One of my best friends.

Uke, Guitar, Piano, and probably more to come. I love playing with Ireal Pro. I am a better player because of it..

Excellent practice and gig tool

Playing with singers that like to change keys gets tedious. Here is your solution. Keep up the good work.

Awesome app

Wish I had this growing up - easy to transpose and awesome tips on chords and scales. 6 stars.

Simply the best.

Massimo and his team have created an app that every single jazz student or working professional needs to have. I use it in my teaching and Ive used it on the gig. Its ease-of-use has translated into it becoming an absolute utility. Bravo! Worth every penny x10.

Great musicians app!

Come through in a pinch for most songs!

Where to begin - awesome

Updated comments This app gets better and better. Editor is easier than ever and the audio is superior. Well done. And thank you for your efforts The improvements are many and excellent. Great accompaniment sound. Love them. The editor is like the web editor and a welcome change. They layout is intuitive on puts it all in front and accessible.

iReal Pro

This app is a must-have for any jazz musician who wants to continuously better themselves and learn new charts. Its too bad that when purchased, you cant use it on both your iPhone and your Mac though, you have to repurchase it. Perfect textbook for an improvisation class though!

An essential app for musicians

If you use chord charts to guide you through songs, you need his app. The accompaniment it generates is great for practicing.

On the gig or practicing...5 stars

I think this is THE essential app for aspiring jazz musicians. On the gig it is great to have the transpose feature. Chord names are easy to read, even on a phone except for the longest charts. Ive also used the desktop app a few times to create charts from scratch which I then easily emailed to other band mates as PDFs for those that dont use stuff like this or in the iReal format for the smarties that do. ;) I use the app to practice melodies and solo ideas. I always push my students to use it, too. The only downside with this app does not actually have anything to do with iReal Pro but is related to copyright law: the melodies of these tunes are protected under copyright law so the app cannot include the melodies. There are no notes, only chord names so you need another resource (sometimes illegal) to learn the melodies. This can sometimes be hard if someone wants to sit in, change the original key, but doesnt know how to come in at he head of the tune without a melody guide note. Thats why you gotta study tunes everyday! All this to say that iReal Pro is an amazing resource for any student or professional in jazz. Easily 5 stars

Nice Program

Invaluable learning aid!

This app rocks!!

It does everything: It has access to hundred of tunes through downloadable lists or individually through the forum. It easily transposes for access to a Bb and Eb charts or for working with singers. Any song can be turned into a practice track for which you can control key, rhythmic feel, tempo, etc. And it beats hell out of carrying big fakebooks to the gig. Instead all the charts youll ever need are on your phone.

Top Flight Teaching Tool!!is little pro-activity

The newIRealPro is an amazing teaching tool. In this day where there is very little desire to play with others, the entire system gives the student an opportunity to play with the sound track. That facet alone helps tremendously!!!

Pro live gig backup app

I have used this app for years as my backup band for solo Cocktail and Dinner gigs. I use only the drum and bass parts, as the piano parts just gets in my way. The app works great on recordings as well. It sound like real people playing behind you.


Awesome app for musicians.

For more then 12€...

...I expect a little more. May be for Jazz musicians its a good tool, but some essentials Im missing. Rock sounds are only two available and they sound terrible and the downloads of the forum are often not playing. For more then 12€ they have a lot of homeworks to do.


Excellent app. Well worth it. I highly recommend it.

❤️❤️❤️ this app

I love this app its really helpful and I told all my friends about and the brought the app its helpful when you dont know what to practice it give me something to practice the app should have lives and licks far as tabs that would be dope but thanks for making it

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